One Coast - Pacific Palisades


March 15, 2019

One Coast: Design and Engineering at its Finest

The deeper beauty of One Coast lies not only in its architecture and location, but in the strength of its foundation. Future residents can be reassured of the quality of the final product from the expertise that went into every design and construction choice. etco Homes partnered with the acclaimed  BGA Architects and  OBJEKT designs to deliver state-of-the-art architectural and design elements.   Their teams are well-known for their innovative designs and application of both science and technology to deliver stellar communities built for their unique geographical locations and climate.

California’s building standards and codes are currently updated approximately every three years with the goals of improved safety, increased sustainability, and the use of new technology and construction methods designed to further the reliability and resilience of new structures. The standards are even higher on the coastline where the California Coastal Commission is committed to protecting the coast through careful planning and regulation of environmentally sustainable development.

Coastal hillside construction is inherently more complex; every detail has to be considered in order to build on such a terrain. Construction elements at One Coast include such elements as concrete retaining walls, concrete and steel caissons for reinforcement, steel framing, and a solid concrete structure.  All of these architectural elements were specifically designed with the goal of building the best possible structure for this magnificent location. Years of thinking through every detail went into the One Coast structure so that it is not only beautiful, but integrates resilient construction materials and techniques into the natural and changing elements of the area.

Resilient building technology was paramount to the One Coast team, and it was equally important to not sacrifice functionality;   understanding that future residents will expect that attention to detail when considering how they will live their lives. For instance, One Coast is designed for ultimate privacy – from the guarded gate to direct entry into the building, then into a private garage with an elevator up to each individual unit. Residents will have the kind of discretion that is unheard of in mutli-family communities.

Coastal living alone is a luxury. Ocean views are one of the most coveted assets real estate can have in Southern California. Being blocks away from the one of the most beautiful beaches in one direction and perfectly preserved hiking trails in the other direction is everything. To have all this and the newest advances in architectural engineering is nothing short of incredible.

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